"Spice Freely"


For The Kitchen Artist

Chestnut flour- A specialty flour made purely from chestnuts it can be used for filling in crepes to and as a substitute for many other flours.


Mixed peppercorn- An in store mix of 4 different peppercorns that create a nice complex flavour that can be used on an assortment of meats and fish, such as a beef tenderloin.


Sumac spice- created by grinding Sumac fruit into a powder, this spice is mainly used in Middle Eastern cuisine. It adds a lemony taste to salads and can be put on kebabs and rice.


Organic Sri Lankan cinnamon- different than the common cinnamon named cassia, this cinnamon is also known as true cinnamon and has a stronger and sweeter aroma.


Zatar- A mix made in store of 10 spices mostly from the Middle East, this powerful mix used to spice up meats, vegetables and hummus.  


Juniper berries- this wild berry is used to create Jin but as a spice it is used as seasoning for wild game meat such as boar and venison or North European cuisine such as Norwegian and Swedish dishes.